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 1 OZ. TO 12.5 GAL.

Fuel Efficiency Made Simple with Clean Fire

  1. Cetane Improver

  2. Anti-Gel / Cold Flow

  3. Lubricity Improver 

  4. Carbon Detergent

  5. Water Disbursement

  6. Asphaltene Inhibitor 

  7. Microbial Growth Control

  8. Stabilizer 

  9. Corrosion Inhibitor

             Clean Fire Diesel Fuel Additive is the product you have been looking for to improve the fuel efficiency & reliability of your diesel equipment. This all-in-one blend contains everything you need to keep your engine running at its best, including a powerful detergent that helps to remove harmful deposits and a lubricant that reduces wear on the engine.  As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, we are proud to offer a product that is not only effective but also supports our community.

Made In America

Clean Fire Diesel Fuel Additive is the solution to your high diesel fuel costs. With the ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption, our additive helps you save money on every mile you drive. What’s more, the product quickly pays for itself in the savings that it generates. Try Clean Fire Diesel Fuel Additive and start experiencing better fuel efficiency today.

The Clean Fire Moto:
Longevity Through preventive maintenance

 Clean Fire is a Registered Trademark of Global Energy Research & Development Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

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