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Proper use and understanding of cold flow improvers (Anti-Gels) is a must for safety and cold climate operations. The subject of Anti-Gels safety must be understood. Some may create a false sense of security when operating in cold weather. 


One must know the limits of the base fuel, the additive cold flow, and the use of #1 blends.  Additional precautions must be taken with bio-diesel or bio-diesel blends. Most straight bio-diesels have a much warmer range of operability.   
Cold flow chemicals are designed to keep the paraffin in fuel from attaching to each other.  This will help maintain a small enough paraffin size to safely pass through the fuel filter system. Care must be taken and understood; With a proper cold flow improver (Anti-Gel) (De-Icing) package, cold weather fuel failures are reduced drastically.

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 When purchasing an additive one must take into consideration not only the cost but the effectiveness of the chemical for the desired needs.


Clean Fire goes far beyond the six standard performance requirements set by The National Conference of Weights and Measures Premium Fuel Task Force.

Criteria as follows; 

                                                      (BTU) Energy Content

Fuel Injector Cleanliness

Low-Temperature Operability


Thermal Stability 

Cetane Number

      With vigorous field testing, first-hand experience, and a never-ending excitement we have learned to adapt to the rapid changes in fuel quality. We offer the professional grade & highly concentrated formula Clean Fire, an all-season year-round use material.


 Clean Fire is designed, as well as continuously upgraded to supplement diesel fuel needs with the finest ingredients available on today's market.

When more efficient ingredients are found to exist, they are incorporated into the formula.


Clean Fire is available in 4 convenient sizes for easy handling whether you are treating a tanker or a small diesel car.  One concentrated formulation in one bottle, for any diesel end user.

Effectively, treat your fuel after every fill up with Clean Fire!

Diesel Engine Protection