Key to Success: Extending Filter & Injector Life

To prolong the life of fuel filters, injectors and fuel pumps the operator must maintain a clean fuel delivery system with a additive that effectively combats Microbial Growth - Water Contamination - Carbon Deposits & ULSD Lack of Lubricity  

"To promote a clean, complete compression ignition in a diesel engine via a cost-effective preventative maintenance product is emissions reduction at its very best."-Travis H Eggerichs Sr.




Get every inch out of mileage out of your semi trucks by combating the costly effects of ULSD. Maintain a lubricated combustion chamber for longer engine and injector life.

Reduce the costly and time consuming repair services preformed on seasonal equipment with and effective stabilizer package.

Effectively eliminate and prevent harsh water contamination found in most marine vessels that lead to extensive microbial growth contamination.

Heavy Equipment Off-Road

Diesel Fleets

Standby Generators 

Promote longevity of heavy equipment through a concentrated lubricity and cetane package that protects equipment while reducing overall fuel consumption.

Reduce operation and maintenance cost on fleet equipment ranging from reduced fuel consumption to reduced fuel injector / filter replacements.

Maintain combat readiness for when emergency power generation is needed most. Proper care should be taken to prevent fuel deterioration in emergency equipment.

all in one Diesel Care Package

  • Cetane

  • Lubricity 

  • Water Disbursement

  • Asphaltene Inhibitor 

  • Microbial Control

  • Stabilizer 

  • Anti-Gel / Cold Flow 

Treats 88,000 Gallons

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