Key to Success: Extending Filter & Injector Life

Maintain a clean fuel delivery system with Clean Fire to effectively combat
Microbial Growth - Low MPG - Water Contamination - Carbon Deposits - ULSD Lack of Lubricity  

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Don't Let Your Diesel Equipment Run Poor Fuel!

Prolong the life of diesel equipment by protecting cylinder walls and upper piston rings with an effective non-corrosive lubricity package in your diesel fuel!

 1 OZ. TO 12.5 GAL.

all in one Diesel Fuel Improver

  1.  Cetane Improver

  2. Anti-Gel / Cold Flow

  3. Lubricity Improver 

  4. Carbon Detergent

  5. Water Disbursement

  6. Asphaltene Inhibitor 

  7. Microbial Growth Control

  8. Stabilizer 

  9. Corrosion Inhibitor 

    Clean fire diesel fuel additive is a product for the consumer that requires the best in quality and efficiency. 

    Through clean fire's all in one package you can cut your companies emission output, save fuel and maintain optimum factory performance with all diesel equipment.

    Clean Fire is designed to save the consumer time and money by increasing the efficiency of diesel fuels compression ignition, cylinder lubrication through combustion modifiers, cetane & lubricity improver blends.

    When using Clean Fire you are supporting a more complete burn during the combustion process while simultaneously insuring lubrications throughout the fuel delivery system improving power, fuel mileage, and reducing excessive carbon deposits & carbon emissions.


The Clean Fire Moto:
Longevity Through preventive maintenance