The Clean Fire Diesel Fuel Additive was released to the public market in 2006 by Global Energy Research & Development Inc. a VA certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business with the intent to supply the industry need for a cost-effective multifunctional diesel fuel additive. With over thirty years of petroleum lab & field testing Global Energy Research & Development Inc's continues to adapt to the ever changing compositions of petroleum fuels, oils and greases. 


Global Energy Research & Development, Inc. has been in operation since 1993 reviewing petroleum properties to manufacture top tier grease, oil, gas and diesel additive blends.  Clean Fire was developed to improve diesel characteristics to the greatest extent, in particular: cold weather operability, water disbursement, upper cylinder lubrication, cetane enhancement, microbial contamination control, carbon detergent and long-term storage stabilizers.


Veteran owned & operated emplacing strict company values on the products material quality, operability efficiency, cost, and customer service.

Global Energy Research & Development Inc.'s Team


Travis Eggerichs Sr.



"To promote a clean, complete compression ignition in a diesel engine via a cost-effective preventative maintenance product is emissions reduction at its very best."

Travis Eggerichs Jr.

Vice President

Packaging & Distribution

"I thank God for the ability to package Clean Fire. I thank the owner-operators that keep America going as well as trusting no other additive but Clean Fire. I thank my father Travis Sr. for the leadership, love and devotion to the company that he has instilled in us."

Taylor Eggerichs

Vice President

Information & Operations

"I am proud to be apart of a company and community that strives for only the best in quality and performance. I thank God for the good times I have had with my family in the development and structure of Clean fire for our customers."