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 About Clean Fire 


At Global Energy Research & Development Inc, we are a family owned business Founded By Travis H. Eggerichs Sr. that is dedicated to providing the highest quality diesel fuel additives on the market. Our commitment to our customers is our utmost priority, and we believe that our product will help save you both time and money. Our team has worked tirelessly to perfect our formula over the years, ensuring that every customer can rely on our Clean Fire additive to keep their engine running smoothly and efficiently.

The Start of Our Family Run Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

From 1970's to Now

The Dedication of the Owner Operators

Fredrick & Gloria 

At Clean Fire, we understand what owner operators need in a diesel fuel additive. That’s because our family owned and operated business was born out of the need for an effective and reliable product that wouldn’t compromise performance. We developed our premium diesel fuel additive with the help of owner operators, who tested our product rigorously and provided valuable feedback. Our product is a testament to our commitment to the trucking industry and those that make it possible every day.

1990's to Now

Clean Fire Testing in the Coldest Conditions

Global Energy R&D Proving Grounds


Travis H. Eggerichs Sr. Founded Global Energy Research and Development inc.

Our team at Global Energy Research & Development Inc. has gone to great lengths to develop a premium diesel fuel additive that holds up against the most rigorous cold weather environments . Composed of experienced professionals, our team works around the clock to ensure we're providing the highest-quality fuel additives on the market. That's why we've conducted extensive lab and field testing to ensure the effectiveness of our premium diesel fuel additive. Our product is designed to keep your engine running smoothly in cold weather conditions, giving you peace of mind and reliable performance on the road.

2006 to Now 

The Clean Fire Family Brand

Founded By

Travis H. Eggerichs Sr. 

Clean Fire sizes together.jpg

Clean Fire Diesel Fuel Additive is a premium fuel additive that is made with high quality chemicals and packaged with materials that are sourced in America. As a veteran-owned small business, we understand the importance of supporting local industries. That's why we are committed to providing our customers with products that are not only effective, but are also produced in America. Choose Clean Fire and feel confident that you are supporting American industry.

 Clean Fire is a Registered Trademark of Global Energy Research & Development Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

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