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When it comes to improving diesel fuel & engine performance, nothing beats Clean Fire Diesel Fuel Additive. With regular use, our product can help save you money on fuel and engine maintenance costs. Our satisfied customers have praised the product's effectiveness and efficiency. Join them and order your Clean Fire Diesel Fuel Additive today!

Kevin Frey
Owner Operator

Kevin F.jpg

Clean Fire by far is the best fuel additive product I’ve ever used. A few weeks ago I was in 39 below temperature and had no problems at all I run it year round got over 600,000 miles on this truck with Clean Fire and not one problem fuel tanks are clean Plus I get better mpg Honestly about 3/10 better with Clean Fire. Thank you Travis and your dad for a great product it saves me money year round.

James Luszcak
Owner Operator


I took notice of my baseline mileage and overall state my engine was in when idling and pulling a load be for using this Clean Fire. I have noticed a difference in sound and ride. Its a lot quieter and had more pulling power! - JAMES LUSZACK

Ray Dumond
Owner Operator


I have been using Clean Fire in all my diesel's since 2013. Big trucks, little trucks, equipment, and generator welders. With great success for water absorption, lubricity and fighting against fungi in tanks. Fuel today is garbage and Clean Fire makes it right. I use this product religiously and would recommend it to anyone who wants to go the extra mile in taking care of their equipment.

Jim Pruss 
Full-Service Excavation Contractor



We have been using Clean Fire for the last two construction seasons.  We have treated over 200,000 gallons with Clean Fire. 


We performed field tests with strait fuel, Clean Fire, and another additive during the 1st season.  Clean Fire improved fuel economy in all of our tests.  The other product performed worse than straight fuel.  We have since then repeatedly tested Clean Fire against straight fuel and the results were the same, improved fuel economy with Clean Fire. We ran a MT865B Cat Challenger with twin Noble 17CY scraper pans.  The machine has a 510 HP Cat C18 ACERT Tier 3 engine. 


The machine has an onboard computer system that records fuel consumption and load along with other technical information.  The machine had the same operator and the same working conditions throughout the test. 

With straight #2 off-road diesel the machine used 18.35 gallons/hour.  With Clean Fire added to the same fuel the machine used 16.23 gallons/hour.  Your additive improves economy period!

Dwight McDermott
CAT- Machine Group



We have been running a test on Clean Fire Fuel Additive in our Parts shuttle truck, here are the results. We tracked 58,380 miles before we started using clean fire and used 11,267 gallons of fuel,  5.18 average MPG. We have tracked 49570 miles after we started using Clean Fire and used 8,486 gallons of fuel,  5.84 average MPG. We decreased our fuel usage by .66 MPG or 12.74%. This truck runs the same route everyday with the basically same load, so it was a very good test.

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